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I couldn’t agree more “HiVizMan” Marvell sata ports are horrible. Are all your Intel ports full? I have found no issues with the other functionality but if you have specifics please let me know. This limitation will be very much like onboard graphics and discreet graphics. All my connections are on the SATA 3.

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Congratulations you are now free of that Marvell crap! Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

RAMPAGE III FORMULA | Motherboards | ASUS Global

DivineDarkDec 28, Dec 24, 2. The current driver build undergoing validation is which I will update the thread with results with I have been using for a while and was used for the screenshot below Below are some screenscaputes for reference specifically on the Rampage III Formula.

Intel Architecture Day. Please enjoy the rest of your day.

I couldn’t agree more “HiVizMan” Marvell sata ports are horrible. What I can say is that there is a fair amount of chatter out there implying that SATA6Gb is not yet truly ready for prime time. I know you mwr already said they were in IDE mode but someone else reading this might need to know.

I would really like to see a response from Asus on this besides denial. I do not personally know to what extent this is true, and in retrospect probably overstated the case in my previous post, but the chatter is sufficient in both quantity and quality to give this consumer pause as I consider waiting a bit.


I will note that due to the marfell to the PCI-E bus there is a lower throughput limit for SSD in raid For high performance SSDs especially Sandforce 2 and C drives it would make more sense to connect to the Intel Southbridge for the highest level of throughput in raid 0.

You can see our review here for comparison purposes.

And there is 4-pin molex connector that supplies extra juice for the Graphics Cards, which is in an Inconvenient spot. Dec 25, 3.

ASUS Rampage III Formula

The participation of manufacturers is very welcome and is one of the things that makes this forum special. Jan 5, 8. The OCC gang seemed to really like the board and recommend it to enthusiasts and overclockers alike. But other than that I have absolutely no complaints. Yes, my password is: Last edited by Idonno; at What used to be your Marvell ports should now function pretty much the formuoa your other Sata II ports do.

To help us help you – please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible. I offer this from an EVGA rep in this thread “We have looked into this, and the issue is a hardware limitation offered by the controller.

I’ve got some AS5 ready to go xD. I have found no issues with the other functionality but if you have specifics please let me know.


Jan 20, Let me state that I controloer very much a fan of ASUS products in general, I have worked with several and found them to be very robust solutions. Jan 5, 9.

Rampage III Formula – Window 8 Driver for Marvell Controller

Additionally Marvell has been quite active in continuing to develop a refined driver to maximize the performance throughput and overall performance of their controllers. I am working on the cooling loop and waiting, hoping, that we get one last gen of boards with better SATA 6Gb before they fall off the back of the truck. This 1st step above must be preformed first or you won’t be able to select the right driver in device manager.

I just got this board not that long ago and I just found out that the optical drives will not burn when using the Marvell controlled Sata 3 ports. Dec 28, 5. CannydogDec 25, This was in no way a dig at ASUS product, as all motherboard manufacturers are, to my knowledge, currently mounting this same part.

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