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Can your driver accept the numerical output from the converter and send it to Stellarium to show where the telescope is pointing? I am looking to implement the goto and needed a change. No telescope alignment will be perfect across the entire sky, and you can use the Sync command to reduce the errors in parts of the sky where the initial alignment is not so good. Does anyone know of any interface to do this? Inside the box I glued a thermal insulation and copper foil which acts like a EMI shield. All images are postprocessed by the software. But the software only has the serial setup option?

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Some troubles with direct connection and version 9, but solved with the custom version. I am sure I am missing a trick here but thought I would ask here anyway.

ASCOM Driver for Digital Setting Circles

I have a question regarding an error message that keeps occurring during the alignment process with the ASCOM driver using digital setting circles. I successfully installed two tic encoders on my C8. I thought I’d try a dark file again, and get the same message as the last time I tried it a few revisions ago: I found that this solution is more reliable and convenient rather than local storage on the SD card.

With the festive period coming up it will probably be January before I can release it though. Can help with this. This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. Sign up for a new account in our community.

  82801DB ICH4 AC97 DRIVER

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I’ve just released a small update to the AllSkEye application which mostly contains bug fixes. This will also hopefully help anyone coming to similar situations later, as the problems and answers will not be interlaced. Is it something to do with 32bits per pixel?

Inside the box I glued a thermal insulation and copper foil which acts like a EMI shield. I’ve tried the newest version, and specifically wanted to play with the ROI.

Using the driver with TheSkyX by Software Bisque

The USB DSC will appear as a serial port when you plug it in to your computer, so you set it up in Cartes du Ciel exactly the same as the serial version except that it probably has a different COM port number. Note that extreme accuracy is not required. Every time you start a new session with Cartes du Ciel or any other software using the ASCOM driver you will need to do the two star alignment. All data collecting and generation software is wrote on C, Python and Bash.

At the moment, it’s too light to test but as it gets dark, I’ll be able to see if it has removed any hot pixels, or at least cleaned it up. It also requires Microsoft.

The Sky 6 Serious Astronomer and ASCOM

Am I misunderstanding something, I am building my own telescope with motorised goto mount and am struggling with resolution at the moment. Yes, this function is already there. After that, you may need to vary the settings of the Reverse Encoder Counts checkboxes, experimenting with different combinations until you achieve a good alignment.


Posted Monday at At this point, your telescope should be aligned to the night sky, and your astronomy software should reflect the coordinates at which your telescope is pointing as you traverse the sky.

Thanks for all your good work here. ASCOM is a standard developed for interfacing asdom and telescopes. With regards to the ZWO drivers there were a few changes with regards to ROI in the past so they might have caused your issues.

Installing ASCOM for SkyTools

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: If not then the problem will most likely be that the FITS header is missing some required data to determine the image properties.

I can get the AAM to run in Stellarium rhe not my ngc-max. I’m particularly interested in the ROI option and general stability and speed improvements.

However, I want to mount the CCD to a mount in the garden but do not want to collect the data with a laptop.

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