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There was a nice solid feel to the musical image, bass was firm and well rounded, and tone colors were painted with a fairly broad brush. A comparison review of two DACs. For timing and accuracy this DAC is going to be tough to beat. Greatest Bits Component List. There’s also an RS input to connect to a home automation system, and inputs for a 12V Trigger and a Remote In for receiving RC5 codes in the event that the D33s infrared sensor is blocked. Some presentations offer up a very dimensional, nearly 3D sense of space. Jitter reduction is an obsession within the Arcam engineering team.

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We’re all playing more music from computers – stored on their hard drives or streamed from online services such as Spotify — but Macs and PCs simply aren’t optimised for audio enjoyment. Dynamics were nice and snappy and there was a good sense of resolution or hearing into the recording.

Against Cheap-feeling remote control. Leave this field blank. Create new account Request new password. Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety. A brilliantly talented DAC with bags of sonic appeal — its main rivals should be worried. How to buy To make the most of your investment in one of our systems, we’d advise you to talk to one of our specialist dealers. Where do we start? It also charges your portable. Areas such as isolation of digital and analogue stages, ultra-low noise power supplies and direct coupled signal paths make a big difference to outright performance.


Some presentations offer up a very dimensional, nearly 3D sense ueb space.

ARCAM ARCAM USB 2.0 Device Audio – two ways of downloading and installing the driver

Favorite Sound Munich High End Back on the plus side, and the D33 has more pluses than minuses by my count, there’s a very engaging sense of pace and I’d also highlight the D33’s bass response which is both tight and fulsome.

Allo DigiOne Signature Review. See all our DAC reviews. We have gained jsb lot of knowledge developing class leading DACs.

Arcam irDAC review | What Hi-Fi?

Again the Auralic Vega seems to offer up a richer tonal palette while it also pales in comparison to the Meitner in terms of a 3-dimensional presentation. A comparison review of two DACs.

Building on the rDAC’s success, and incorporating feedback from enthusiastic rDAC owners, the Arcam engineering team have produced the irDAC, an enhanced design that raises the performance bar and is delightfully simple to use. The Arcam irDAC takes performance at this price to a new level.

To make the most of your investment in one of our systems, we’d advise you to talk to one of our specialist dealers. Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. Solid Listening to the Arcam D33 was for the most part very enjoyable.

Lovers of the latter are well served by the rPAC, which features a high-quality headphone amp, complete with volume controls. And it’s not just about music: Freebie optical digital and USB-cables are thrown in to get you started too, but you could always look to upgrade these further down the line.


I will also add that I tried a few different USB cables with the D33 and this also helped to alter the D33’s presentation albeit subtly but effectively. This includes asynchronous USB and Bluetooth.

irDAC – USB DAC – Arcam

Meet the award-winning Arcam rPAC, the Personal Audio Converter that will transform your computer-based music – at home, at work, or on the move.

I found the AudioQuest Diamond USB cable to be its best mate, providing a more relaxed top end and a more fluid sound overall. The rPAC will sit discreetly beside any desktop or laptop computer and is constructed using a durable, precision cast aluminum case. Super Solid The Arcam D33 is a fine sounding DAC providing a very nice sense of control throughout the frequency range along with fine-grained resolution and plenty of dynamic snap appeal.

Aram irDAC-II is designed to be the heart of a digital system and can be connected to a uxb of different types of digital sources and connections. The stand-alone DAC concept was not new to the Arcak team as they were the first company to ever launch an affordable outboard DAC back in

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