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In Oracle Secure Backup This section explains how to configure tape drives and libraries for Oracle Secure Backup to communicate with them. A secure directory is one in which every part of the directory path has the owner and group privileges listed in Table Preconfigure the required attach points for your tape drives and libraries on your media server systems. You can safely delete these files. The installation completes and the following message is displayed after a successful installation:.

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The link names themselves can be used as Oracle Secure Backup device attach points. Create devices in Solaris using yeneric sgen drivers by running discoverdev:. The following lsattr example displays the attribute names, current values, descriptions, and user-settable flag values for the rmt0 device: Log on as root. Zmight remain in the temporary directory.

It is used in the initial handshake between the client and the domain host that initiated the request to add the client, to verify the source of the request.

If you wish to install into a generi directory, change to that directory. The following example runs makedev using the information in Table This section explains how to run mkdev in Linux. It is recommended to install the Oracle Secure Backup software package on a network accessible share or in a local temp directory.


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Library World Wide Name: That is, tape libraries are typically numbered 0, 1, 2 and so on, and tape drives are also numbered 0, 1, 2 and so on. You can safely delete these files. Oracle recommends that you choose a password of at least 8 characters in length that contains a mixture of alphabetic and numeric characters. After you modify the required parameters, the installation program continues with the next step.

Yes –noaddinghostid Bypasses the admin host identification check that occurs when a client is added to the backup domain. scwi

It exits the install if the correct privileges are missing. This chapter contains the following sections: When you perform a silent install of the client scdi role, you do not receive any warnings if the installer is run from a non-standard directory.

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Configuring Devices on Linux Media Servers. This driver is required for Oracle Secure Backup to interact with a tape device. To omit the IP address check at the time of installing the client, use aixx –noaddinghostid option while invoking the Oracle Secure Backup installer.

Checking each library to associate discovered drive s with DTE However, you can provide new values for the parameters by configuring advanced settings during the installation. The minimum password length is 8 characters.


The host must be configured to automatically reload the driver after a restart. Xcsi the group root does not exist on your AIX system, then you must create it and make user root a member of it.

Identifying generic scsi disk on AIX

You can obtain these details from the output of the prtconf -Dv and dmseg commands. The keystore password is used to encrypt the keystore containing all the encryption keys. Yes, if –addinghostid hostname is not spedified –securepath Bypasses the secure location check.

Yes, if –noaddinghostid is not specified. Although these values are arbitrary, It is customary to start at zero and increment by one for each library or drive attachment being created. If the setup script is interrupted, then some temporary files, named OBnnnn or OBnnnn.

Here is an example of running makedev to create new Oracle Secure Backup system attach points where none exist already:. You also have the option of performing a silent installation of an Oracle Secure Backup client host role.

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