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Prices are for the SIM-free version of the device if applicable. Refers to the list of video codecs supported for decoding by a Chipset. Indicates the resolution of the device’s back camera in megapixels. If the device does not have a screen then the value ‘False’ is returned. This property is applicable for browsers that support screen pixels width cookie. MODEL javascript is used to display the class. A list of MIME types the device can stream.

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If the device doesn’t support any SIM card then a value of ‘0’ is returned.

Indicates if the browser supports overflowing of clipped blocks. Indicates the official model of the System on Chip chipset e.

Indicates if the browser supports the ‘Video’ element for playing videos on web pages without requiring a plug-in. This property is applicable for Apple devices which do not provide information about the model in the User-Agent string.

Such sources are typically used by search engines, and can be referred to as crawlers, bots, robots or spiders, among other terms. Indicates a profile which contains more than aairis single hardware device.

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Refers to the list of MIME types supported by the operating system. Refers to the ‘Retail Branding’ value returned vha Android Google Play native applications, when the android.


A measure of the popularity of this browser version. Indicates if the device has a camera. Many mobile browsers, by default, come with an operating system OS. Indicates if the browser supports the ‘Iframe’ element, used to embed another document within a current HTML document. Indicates a browser that does not correctly identify the physical hardware device and instead reports an emulated device.

Indicates if the device can receive and make telephone calls using available bearers without any additional software such as VoIP.

JavaScript that can override the profile found by the server using information on the client device. Indicates the source from which browser properties have been validated.

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Indicate the diagonal size of the device’s screen in millimetres rounded to the nearest whole number. The string contains the caption, followed by the full image URL separated with a tab character.

Indicates the device’s supported satellite navigation types. BRAND javascript is used to display the class. Indicates the model name or number used primarily by the hardware vendor to identify the device, e. However, the user may have disabled Cookies in their own configuration.


Indicates the maximum number of SIM cards the device can support. This property includes support for both transform and transform-origin properties. A measure of the popularity of this device model. Indicates the official name of the graphical chip within the SoC.

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Refers to the height of the device’s screen in inches. This property will return a ‘False’ value for mobile browsers such as Chrome Mobile or email browsers such as Hotmail.

Property Dictionary The list of properties and descriptions explain how to use the available device data. This property is not applicable for a device that does not have a battery or support phone calls. Indicates n9990 the source of the web traffic operates without human interaction, primarily for the purpose of indexing the response.

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For devices that operate via mains power only, e. A list of images associated with the device. This property is applicable only for TVs.

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