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ATX form factor 2. I read the same thing today on Usenet alt. My first experience with Abit kit was way back in when the BH6 and Celeron A was the overclocking combination to own. I ran it with a MHz Athlon Thunderbird CPU and it easily got the Tbird up to MHz, obviously this has a lot to do with the choice of CPU, but the Abit board with all it’s tweaks offers the best possible chance of overclocking the CPU and running it successfully, Abit have been loudly touting the 3 phase power circuits built on the board whilst over manufacturers stick with a 2 phase voltage circuit design, the 3 phase power design is supposed to offer better stability under the high current loads of the latest CPU’s and especially the overclocked Tbird’s, and it also offers much better heat dissipation, throughout the boards components. TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users.

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Fri Oct 12, I recently got one of Abit’s current socket A motherboards, from past experience with the Abit KT7 RAID the previous version I knew I was in for a treat, Abit motherboards have built up an enviable reputation for kt7aa extra features and options on their motherboards.

ATX form factor 2.

Review: ABIT KT7A – Mainboard –

Well that’s the drive benchmarks covered in some detail now on with the other bits, obviously there are a wide variety of different factors which influence the overall speed of the motherboard, CPU choice for one, memory speed for another and probably the most.

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Do you already have an account? Fri Oct 12, 1: I must say I like Abit motherboards a lot, just about every motherboard I’ve had in the past few years, has been an Abit, I’ve gone from the BH6 through to the BE6 and now on with the KT7 series and they’ve all performed, and kept of performing aibt over the years.

The only slight improvements Abit could make in my eyes would be to offer a wider voltage adjustment within the BIOS maybe up to 1. My first experience with Abit kit was way back in when the BH6 and Celeron A was the overclocking combination to own.

Ask a question and give support. You must log in or sign up to reply here. In advanced Chipset features, the memory timing was set to Turbo, Interleave was set to 4 way and CAS latency set to 2, these are the main options for performance setting, they only work with decent quality branded memory, such as Crucial or Mushkin, with cheaper spec memory you may not be able to turn on all the performance settings and still maintain stability.

You can also be certain your system will work after you pop it up. Your name or email address: Can anyone confirm this beyond the one source?

I guess I got my answer I can’t remember where I saw it, but my cloudy mind remembers it was somehow related to Azzo computers.

TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Rid/kt7e, can you please post here when your Athlon XP arrives to let us know whether it works?

should i risk putting an athlon xp into my abit kt7a raid v? – TechSpot Forums

Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. From what I remember the version was being phased out but the is still being sold everywhere Hmm, radi/kt7e doesn’t look too promising. The KT7 accommodates up to a maximum the 1.


That might be a nice upgrade point. Enjoy the spped increase!!

Jul 5, Posts: RAID 0 stripping mode for boosting performance 4. I should get new proc the begining of next week and then I will post the bad news. Fri Oct 12, 5: Performance doesn’t vary especially much with the new KTA boards, they all essentially use the same components, the KTA and the new VIA B Southbridge which has native support for ATA transfer rates, the Abit does however offer lots of features to improve memory performance, these features aren’t implemented on all KT boards, and yet again Abit leads the pack in this area, the key area where Abit seem to lead is in the swift rectification of problems with the boards, usually this is a new BIOS release which fixes and improves speed and offers extra features.

If you wait for the picture above to load you will see the memory benchmarks are taken at the various different settings and finally with the FSB maxed out at MHZ with all the various options in the Abit BIOS turned on for extra memory performance. Military necessity does not admit of cruelty nor of torture to procure confessions. I could run a whole bunch of tests of the board, but since I just reviewed the whole OcUK bundle last week, it seems somewhat pointless so I’ll just show you the most popular Sandra benchmarks.

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