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White, Mar 11, And the only way provided to do this is to run WinXP Setup again, press F6 when invited, and let Setup install it from a floppy diskette. The AGP slot has a lot of room around it allowing for larger coolers. Sharp, Mar 10, The CD actually contains some useful programs like Symantec Ghost and PC-illin which makes the package a lot more valuable. Does anyone have some advice? Thanks for answering, Sharp! At the front of the manual for easy reference is a table of common diagnostic LED error codes and solutions.

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The frontpanel IO pins are color-coded for easy identification and installation most cases have their frontpanel wires color coded this way. I’m about to mail Epox right now, hoping they have some sort of solution for this.

So, I guess it’s about compatibility between Epox and Western Digital, but I just can’t believe this is happening! Sharp, Apr 25, The disk may be damaged, or You should check the connections I just bought a board from www.

Now we just have to hope that Maxtor fixes 8rds3 and not the other way around seagate is awful at least on their ide products. You would need a boot disk with SATA support. Discussion in ‘Epox’ started by Sharp, Mar 10, How about “add hardware” in control panel, “show all devices”, “have disk”. However, I suspect many of you will be using just one of them.



This information can be obtained here: Sharp, Apr 24, Does anyone have some advice? Well, I just got email from www.

It contains a single language for clarity English in this case and includes 8fda3 from installation, to the BIOS, to bundled software documentation. This has been clarified above. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony.


Read on and find out. I moved it to another computer with Abit NF-7 S motherboard, and it works great. A nice little feature is the displaying of PC health information “Magic Health” feature along the bottom of the initialization screen.

With the exception of the Magic Flash and Magic Screen utilities, the rest of the utility software is very useful. There are coolers installed on the northbridge and southbridge. Warranty In formation Update – July 26, At the time of publishing this article, saata information concerning EPoX warranty was unclear as their website showed a typographical error that can be interpretted as 1 or 2 years of warranty.


Playtimer, Apr 24, The AGP slot has a lot of room around it ssta for larger coolers. You can also choose to display a color image during boot-up as well and can be sxta using the MagicScreen utility on the CD. Northbridge a little close to the socket.

SATA is set to the first boot device. Will let You all know what’s new soon!

Ep-8rda3 sata driver

DaveL, Mar 10, If I have already installed winXP, then what I can do about this? The interface is not particularly intuitive or obvious which is a dangerous thing when considering BIOS flashing.

GinsuGuy, Nov 26, Nov 26, Messages: I’ve been a maxtor fan for years, here’s another reason why. I just bought 2 sata drives and have the same issue. Hope I can find someone, who’s able to replace them.

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