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No, you can’t use it. This at least answers part of your question, I think. Message 14 of With the inputs, loops and stacked sequences are used to acquire and change the inputs. The readings of course will be between the 2 clamps.

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Many Thanks Jamie S. VIs utilize a dll as you mentioned.

Making a Thermocouple Measurement With NI LabVIEW – National Instruments

Please consider the following when debugging your VISA communications issue: Message 3 of With the inputs, loops and stacked sequences are used to acquire and change the inputs. Message 2 of This is why user friendly manuals, interfaces and devices are so much more important than even 10 years ago.

At a low frequency such as 50Hz the lzbview has a very low resistance and the capacitance has a high one so the capacitance gives a good reading while the r can be taken as 0 next to the capacitance, if we take an even lower frequency the inductance has too low of a resistance and the capacitance starts to Show a wrong value also. If you are labvuew which of the thermocouple leads is positive and which is negative, check the thermocouple documentation or the thermocouple wire spool.


I’ve found very sophisticated examples and I don’t understand them, Then you should try to learn the communication basics as described in labbiew manuals of your devices.

I’m facing the same problem at the moment. Learn more about Choosing a Thermocouple Measurement Device. Most Active Software Boards: This also makes it easier to directly go the mode of screen you want instead of going through all the choices.

A single physical channel can include more than one terminal or pin, as in the case of a differential thermocouple input channel.

I have to idea how to make it and be sure that they are retrieved at perfectly the same time? Section 4 is a short intro into Labview and some of its basic concepts. The shield grounding methodology can vary depending on the application.

Signal Recovery 7265

Its use is described in the beginning of Chapter 6. Since you say you have a dll, you lavview need to get the api for it. Message 9 of 9. Message 10 of Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 5 – Excellent. What I oabview is: My VI works fine, but I’ve just realized that I need to retrieve not only magnitude, but also phase of the signal.


The driver should come with some premade VIs: Message 18 of The Front Panel and the Block Diagram. I need to get an amplitude and phase at the very same moment, so I am afraid that if I send request for magnitude, then wait until lock-in sends it back, and then send request for phase, then the resulting phase would be a value for some other frequency. Message 9 of I’ve since installed three equivalent cards on three machines, followed the same labveiw I did originally but didn’t enable the option, and they all work great.

Should they be displayed in Controls Window? I can’t believe it’s true, it would be a disaster!

I see the device’s VI accepts strings as inputs. To process it in LabVIEW, labviea can split the response at that character, so long as the character is not the same as the termination character, or you can separately process two responses, if it is the same as your termination character.

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