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John, that is a great analysis and jives precisely with the observed behavior! That 1″ circle was as close as I could measure, so within. Just don’t ask the wife if she agrees! I always just adjust it to the lowest setting, fire up, start the motors spinning, and then crank it up until they move reliably. Instead, use the link box to link to another page.

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THB6064AH THB6064 Stepper motor driver chips ZIP25 Best quality

I’d also probably scratch build sepper power supply, the switching supply wasn’t necessary. I think our documentation just needs to be updated in order to be a bit more clear.

Tags for this Thread almostdownfarnext. Tell him what’s missing! Am I maybe supposed to apply that as well?

But, in the important news If you want to be extra careful, you can check the resistances to ground at the pads where the main chip will be soldered on. I knew that err option was going to confuse people and I really did try hard to find a clear way to explain it, but didn’t quite make it. I read the datasheet and the only real impact I can noodle through is that a high decay rate is faster because it lets the signal rise and fall in less time.


After you find an appropriate page, you are invited to your question comment link preformated text to this massmind site! Not that I’m complaining of course I’m the Tool that turns a simple task in to a project.

Open Source Controller Boards > stepper driver kit buildlog and review – Page 2

Can you check the label text on the potentiometer? But then I like to destroy parts and cause problems. Yeah, your table is correct. I’m willing to pay for help, sstepper refer me to a qualified consultant” “No. Here is a video on the assembly. From what I get the drive current on that error output pin on the chip is weak and the transistor is used to pump up the current which both drives the LED brighter and allows it to use a pin that is not-quite PMinMO compliant to send the error signal back to the PC?


100 Genuine Thb6064ah Stepper Motor Drive IC Replace Toshiba Tb6564aqh

LOL, “The machine” doesn’t exist yet James hosts the single best wiki page about steppers for CNC hobbyists on the net: I’m moving, but having some trouble setting max current on my setup. What motor voltage are you running?


I set my motor voltage to 42v. Follow us on All times are GMT I think I have the right resistors, I measured them and figured they were close enough?

The time now is No popup ads, etc Two issues arise, though That 1″ circle was as close as I could measure, so within. The steppers seem to be working just fine, although I don’t have a physical load to put on them at the moment they seem strong enough to do the steppwr.

Posted via Mobile Device. BC installed as Q1 to provide an amplified error signal.

Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page: Right now, that is just a parts pile. This table assume no option jumpers are in place.

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