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Visit the following links: Any way to determine if GEM is used or not? I get no sound in UT though, no idea why. I run Ubuntu 8. I have a Thinkpad T and after a bit of searching I found out this problem was known by the developer and did not have a fix right now. I’m in more or less the same boat; I haven’t done anything to xorg.

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However I’ve read installing that driver is presently more for developers or advanced users.

Instead of simply accepting what’s further down in the stack and build what they can on top of that, they’ve been busy improving everything that the actual intel drivers rely on. Jaunty also fixed my resume from sleep problem and screen dimming via the keyboard.

[ubuntu] Intel GMA MHD better driver? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Why building a card to downgrade the power? So XAA acceleration with the old driver still gave slightly better 2D performance, but nothing that bothers me.

I would really like to know if any one else is capable of that, and then tell me how. Do I need a newer kernel for this to work, or some extra configuration I have missed? I still wonder why I have the least problems Any help will be much appreciated: Even though i still have big problems getting things to work in wine. SGI client glx version string: Did you ever run wine? Google for Tearing if you want to learn more about this. I installed bit Jaunty just the other day, installed the 2.


I think what I did is to update Mesa, but it turns out to totally break some other opengl packages. How can I get the maximum resolution for the monitor?

That said, I’m still trying to find out if, and when better drivers are developed for this graphics card. I attach my Xorg. This may matter if you like games and compiz desktop effects, or if you want Google Earth to display in better than geological time.

Intel GMA 4500MHD, Ubuntu 11.04

I have got this error after routinely update failed and a try to follow suggestions from ubuntu forum: My kernel version is 2. We’ll se when rc2 gets out, maybe it’ll work then Linux – General This Linux forum is for general Linux questions and discussion.

Just tell me what 45000 do Timo Aaltonen tjaalton on Greetings, and sorry if I am hijacking the trhead, however it seems the right place to me. Try the Xswat ppa for updated Intel drivers and see if you get better performance.


Intel GMA MHD – ThinkWiki

I’m pretty sure the Mandriva LiveCD activates the Intel-drivers from scratch as well as an option to run compiz, I’ll download the latest beta, boot off it and check my performance there – any of you could do the same and then compare performance No Asset Information dmi. I have started a threat here, and it seems nobody has the answer. Anyone got problems doing screenrecordings? The poor flash performance has little to do with the intel driver, are you running 64 bit ubuntu?

I’m having the same problems with my video.

In some other applications, I can’t even close the openGL window. Visit the following links:

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