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The 8F tank should still have worked. Yes, drop R9 to improve your reverb signal. Do you already have an account? Will- , Jan 30, Since you’re a newb, I would advise connecting scope probes to the points you’re trying to test with the amp OFF. If the driver is moved to point B, the voltage on point B will drop 5 to 10V.

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And yet another update: Some of what I came up with is from gut shots pics of one of those.

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My first port of call would be to check for signal at the plate of V2A. I haven’t had time to get into more troubleshooting this week even though I was home 3 days with the flu. Jan 30, 6. Of course, staying at home with the flu would be an opportunity for some to spend rveerb time debugging their amps, LOL.

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This is definitely a lousy town for tube amp techs! The 10K resistor on the plate needs to be at least a 2W part.

I can say for sure that the tank is not connected like the drawing. Will-Jan 30, Results 1 to 25 of If the driver is moved to point B, the voltage on point B rwverb drop 5 to 10V. Do you have any idea what I should be reading at the reverb tank input? It might be a better idea to fix that revrb before you try my suggestions.


We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Most of the Ampeg amps which use this type circuit use a 6CG7 or 6SN7 driver – off the top of my head, those tubes have a bit higher allowable plate dissipation than a 12AU7 type tube but are otherwise very similar. What I haven’t mentioned is that this design is based on a boutique amp which in turn was almost entirely based on the Revrrb Scout. Originally Posted by dchang0. Verify that the input impedance of the tank you bought is correct for your driver circuit.

Taming the reverb on a super reverb.

It’s elementary signal tracing. It works perfectly to spread the dial of the verb out, but for some reason those 12AU7 tubes ran way hot, much hotter than any of the other pre-amps in the amps, everything is old stock tubes, Mullards, Brimars, GE’s, etc.

The reverb control has a linear taper. BibsJan 30, If he has room for an extra socket, he could do a 6CG7 or double up the sections of a 12AU7 and then use a separate 12AX7 for recovery I pulled them and put the 12AX7’s back in, everything back to normal, no idea why they would operate hotter, but it made me uncomfortable with it.


R8 and R9 are definitely wired this way in the original circuit! I looked at an Ampeg schematic and you’ve got R9 and R8 connected incorrectly. Sorry for all the confusion, but I just realized that my schematic is not only wrong, but I have a couple of possible ways to wire up 3 connections.

I would have preferred long decay but it’s better to have something than nothing at all! Awesome–glad you fixed it! After reading that well known performers and amp builders do this, and more importantly fellow TGPers, I have done this with my 3 BF Fenders with great success.

At the risk of sounding like a newb, can you tell me how to trace the signal? Yeah, the 10K seems like a mistake. Yes, my password is: Also what is the purpose of the resistor change, is due to the change in resistance at the reverb pot?

FWIW this is a portion of an amp that I copied but wires ran under the circuit board and were not clear.

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